Sunday, 24 July 2011

Werneth Park Music Rooms

Earlier on I went to have a first look at the building I have chosen to study for my next Masters assignment and unfortunately it's in rather a sorry state:

The reception buidling c1907

The timber conservatory c1860

The building was originally constructed c1850 and was commissioned by John Platt. Oldham was at that time caught up in the Industrial Revolution and John Platt and Sons was the world's largest manufacturer of textile machinery. Attached to the building was a mansion but this was demolished c1906.

My research will look at the historical development of the building and its architectural style, and place it in context with other buildings of its period and other buildings constructed by the same persons. Unfortunately the information available in the archives is very limited and I have found nothing at all relating to the mansion that once stood on the site.

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