Tuesday, 15 January 2013

2013 Project Updates

It's been a rather quiet spell for my blog the past few months as I'm sure you've noticed. Not that there hasn't been much going on just that I haven't found, or made, the time to write about it on here. I really must try harder to keep this site up to date!

Well.. where are things up to you ask... Grappenhall Heys project is out to tender and Hitchin Town Hall and Museum tender docs were issued last week, Phase 1 of the Memorial Hall project opened just in time for the festive season and there are various other projects currently on site that have kept me very busy for the past few months. In fact, things have been busier lately than I can remember at any time in the nearly 5 years since I joined Thomasons; recession anyone?

On the academic side I've continued to hit deadlines and have only one project left on the second year of the MSc course. This final project requires me to write a conservation plan for a local designated site that doesn't already have a plan in place. After a bit of asking around it was suggested I research St Clement's Church in Urmston so that is what I am going to do. The church was designed by Manchester architect Medland Taylor and built 1867-68 in the Gothic style. There have been numerous changes over the years and plenty of 'quirky' details. I'm hoping to arrange a visit and survey of the church for next week so that I can make some progress before two days of conservation lectures at the College of Estate Management at the end of the week. More on that coming soon.

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